Top 10 Travel Accessories

We all love to travel!  Exploring new destinations, meeting new people, discovering new cultures and eating fantastic new cuisine!  There really isn’t anything better!

Holidays are fun, but they require pre-planning, not only in researching where you will travel and your activities while you are there, but also what you will need to take with on your trip.

Let’s look at the Top 10 travel accessories you should be taking with you on your holiday.

1. Luggage


Your luggage will make or break your trip.  Having to cart around a massive suitcase everywhere you go will only seem fun for the first five minutes after you have left your house.  Try to pack all your items in a compact suitcase that offers protection, polycarbonate luggage is perfect for this.  Of course, wheels are important; you will be pulling or pushing it a fair way on your travels.  Remember, two wheeled suitcases can only be pulled which can get tiring after a while.  Four wheeled suitcases can be pushed, but this is difficult to do in an area with a bumpy surface (cobblestones for instance).   Also remember combination locks to protect your precious cargo.

2. Travel Wallets


A travel wallet is essential to keep all your passports, tickets, money, travellers’ cheques and all other important documentation organised and in one location.  Never used a travel wallet before?  Try one, you will never be without one on your travels every again.

3. Comfortable Walking Shoes


No doubt there will be much walking as well as standing during your holiday.  You definitely want shoes that are comfortable, durable and that you can walk in for hours at a time. Tired, sore feet are a traveller’s worst enemy.

4. Hat


Never leave home without one!  A hat is perfect to keep the sun off your face and the rain from running down your neck!  You are looking for something practical not necessarily fashionable, so choose something with a wide brim and that can be folded up easily when packed away.

5. Multi-tool


These are perfect to tackle any kind of situation where you might require some form of a tool.  Most multi-tools feature a knife, mini saw, pliers, scissors, screwdriver, bottle opener, nail file and many other accessories.  Remember not to pack it into your carry-on luggage if you are travelling by air as it will be confiscated at the security counter.

6. Universal Plug Adaptor


Pack one of these to ensure your electrical appliances will work in the country that you visit.  Some adaptors come with a USB connection as well, useful for charging mobile phones.

7. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must, either buy one or pack one yourself.  It should include bandages, plasters, anti-septic cream, Ibuprofen tablets, Antihistamine tablets and insect repellent.

8. Camera


Never leave home without one!  A “point and click” digital camera is perfect to record all those important memories from your trip.  Make sure you take enough memory cards to store all the photos you will take.

9. Waterproof Clothing


Weather is unpredictable so having some form of waterproof clothing in your luggage is important.  Look for lightweight examples and try to pack a jacket and pants if space allows.

10. Zip-lock bags


These are perfect for separating wet items of clothing from dry ones as well as dirty clothes from clean ones.  Pack a variety of sizes, you will find all kinds of uses for them.

These are a just a few of the items that should be in your luggage the next time you travel!  Bon voyage!