Why Travel is Good for your Health

Travelling to various destinations around the world and taking in everything they have to offer truly is one of life’s great experiences.  Not only does travelling provide us with memories that will be with us for the rest of our lives, but travelling is in fact very good for your health.

“A vacation is not a luxury, It’s an investment in your health.” says Jens Pruessner, Associate Professor of Psychology, Psychiatry, Neurology and Neurosurgery – McGill University, Montreal.

How does travel make you healthier?

There are a number of ways that travelling affects our health.  Let’s look at a few:


1. Travel is good for your heart

In a study released in 2000, a significant sample of 12 000 men were studied over a period of nine years.   These men were considered to be high risk candidates for coronary heart disease.  It was found during the study that those who did not take an annual vacation were a 21 % higher risk of death and 32 % were at risk from death by means of a heart attack.

Woman who travel regularly are around 50% less likely to suffer from heart disease.

Why?  Well the simple answer is stress.  A vacation helps to relieve stress and recharge the batteries, while forgetting about all the troubles of your work life.  Lower stress levels also mean lower blood pressure levels, a really important factor in leading a healthy life.

2. Travel makes you happier

Relaxation is a major reason why people go on holiday.   It is also a time of rejuvenation for body, mind and soul.   A holiday, while reducing stress immediately, also helps with the body’s ability to process stress once you get back to work.  Less stress means you will be happier!  Studies have found that people who go on regular holidays show better productivity levels and lower absenteeism than those who do not.

3. Travel helps learning

You are never too old to learn!  Travelling to new destinations, especially outside of your own country helps to expose you to new cultures, customs, languages, history, religions and traditions.   It can also help you to develop skills that you might never have used before such as planning skills, problem solving, creative thinking and negotiation skills.

4. Travel builds relationships

Travelling is about making incredible memories, and what better way to do it than with a spouse, child or as a whole family.  Sure there might be the odd conflict, but studies have shown that 75% of adults say travel helped to improve relationships, improve romance and led to better communication with their significant other.